A Fun & Educational Way For Your Little Ones to Learn Martial Arts!

Our Tigers program is designed to help students discover the wonders of martial arts! Through fun, entertaining, and action-packed exercises, kids ages 4-6 can enter a world of surprises! We make sure that every class is taught in creative and interactive way for our students. With us, we will guide your little ones so they can:

  • Learn the basics of martial arts
  • Practice focus, self-control, and discipline
  • Develop body-mind coordination

We make sure our students are guided every step of the way by our instructors. Sign them up today!

Your Little One Will Learn How to Develop a Can-Do Attitude!

As early as 4 years old, we want to teach students how to trust in themselves by simple exercises. As they finish one task after the other, they enhance their self-confidence and gain self-sufficiency. We help them listen well to rules, follow the steps, and keep their eye on the prize! With us, students will be able to:

  • Develop mindfulness in all they do
  • Learn to believe in themselves through simple or complex tasks
  • Know how to respect authority and treat each other kindly

Sign up today for your tiny champion's adventure of a lifetime!